About Battle-Proven Leadership


“Develop the industry standard for emotionally intelligent leadership.”


“Train and equip leaders for service.”

Battle-Proven Leadership is an approach to leadership derived from founder, Jennifer-Ruth Green’s, experience as a military commander and combat counterintelligence officer. She conceptualized the stark reality that her directions could cost people everything, up to and including their life. She is passionate about helping leaders own the gravity of their responsibility and sharing tactical methods for them to lead better.

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Why Battle-Proven Leadership Exists

My name is Jennifer-Ruth Green. I serve as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force. My resume includes pilot, CEO, and combat mission commander. I am very proud of the opportunities afforded me throughout my life, but they were never free, and some had steep price tags. All of them shaped me, while some altered me completely.

While my journey has been anything but typical, I firmly believe that the principles of leadership are universal.

After a national scandal involved my personal records being leaked to media networks, I realized there was a clear need for direction and practical tools for leaders; thus, Battle-Proven Leadership was started to bridge the gap.

Every business, every team has people. Real, living human beings who want to do their best. We can produce the best products, but if we forget or mistreat the people who make that happen, then our people are nothing more than cogs in a machine–replaceable and inhuman.

Maya Angelou says, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” True leadership is an art and one we have the privilege to practice. Because when we successfully exercise the art of leadership, our people thrive, which allows the company to thrive, which then allows leaders to thrive. In short, amazing things happen.