“Thank you, your experience and the stories you shared were amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar! Very informative! I hope to be a better chairwoman”


“Must attend for new leaders and experienced leaders alike! Different person, different perspective —incredibly relevant for today’s environment. Jennifer-Ruth’s approach is all encompassing.”


“I endorse Jen Green. 10 out of 10 stars. I just promoted to MSgt after taking her course. I have sat in 3 sessions of hers talking about leadership/interviews. They’ll basically recommend you for Command Chief.”


“Her emphasis on treating people as individuals, beyond their roles or circumstances, struck a chord with everyone in the audience. She highlighted the importance of empathy, understanding, and respect in both leadership and everyday interactions.”


“Jennifer-Ruth Green came very highly recommended to speak on leadership.  I reviewed a few of her video clips online and knew right away she would be an excellent fit for our college-age student body.  She was able to connect with our students and meet them where they are in their leader development journey.”


“Everyone loved hearing her story and what she had to say about being a leader. Across the board people were engaged and really took her message to heart which is great because her message was very important. It would be great to have more speakers like Lt Col Green in the future.”


“I think her presentation was fantastic. She had a meaningful and impactful lesson, and she was not afraid to tell her story on a personal level. I am very glad we had her come speak!”


“Was lucky enough to be in the audience today... inspirational speech. Thank you for all that you do!!”


“She expertly distilled experience gained from years of service into pearls of wisdom that were tailor fitted.”