For Immediate Release: February 12, 2024

Book Release

Crown Point, In. – Last week, combat veteran and entrepreneur Jennifer-Ruth Green published a new book titled “People Don’t Quit Their Jobs; They Quit Their Bosses: Become the Leader People Want to Follow.” This book rose to the number one spot in the new releases in both Leadership Training and Business Teams categories on Amazon.

In this book, Green uses her background to blend her experiences as a combat veteran and entrepreneur to provide insights into responsible leadership. Green is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and a combat veteran of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Her path from service to entrepreneurial success gives her the expertise and experience needed to tell the story of how to be more than just a boss.

Serving as a senior Air Force officer in the Air Reserve Component and a graduated commander, her leadership acumen has been refined through years of adversity. She previously served as the CIO of a Fighter Wing and is currently an FAA-certified flight instructor.

After completing a run for U.S. Congress, she founded Battle-Proven Leadership. With the expertise Green has in both combat and the corporate world, she is able to lay out a clear blueprint on how to become a responsible leader in today’s world. This game-changing leadership manual is the key to transforming someone into a dynamic, influential leader.

For people seeking to expand their knowledge on leadership and carry out meaningful change with their lives and workplaces, “People Don’t Quit Their Jobs; They Quit Their Bosses” serves as an invaluable guidebook. The book is available now on Amazon.

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Conveying Value

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